Killer Disease in the Affenpinscher

CH Trooper a Tamarin Affenpinscher born 08/06/2003 died an early death on 10/04/2011. Click here to see Trooper’s story.


As of May 2010 the medical community has recognized that the Affenpinscher breed is affected by a devastating disease called Syringomyelia (SM) pronounced as Sear-ing-go-my-eelya.


Trooper had to suffer with the disease undiagnosed because this genetic defect was not known to his breed at the time. The disease had been identified in other breeds such as the Cavalier.


Several Affenpinschers have confirmed diagnoses of SM, but it has been difficult for the Affenpinscher people in America to accept the disease exists. Some dog breeders refuse to recognize this disease is in their bloodlines and until they admit it and address it, this disease will grow and continue to kill. The health of the Affenpinscher is at stake.


The affenpinscher is not a large popular breed and has a very limited gene pool. But, maybe you have heard of the Affenpinscher breed since "Banana Joe" made such a large buzz at the Westminster Dog Show in 2011. The Affenpinschers are amazing little dogs ! They are the monkey faced dogs with incredible temperaments and if this disease is not addressed and dealt with this breed could become extinct.


You can learn more about the disease and possibly save your dog as this disease is in several breeds!!!   To learn more, click here to see my layman’s view of disease and Trooper’s symptomologies.


Trooper was an amazing dog and he will be missed by so many, especially meHe definitely lived up to his name

..................HE WAS A TROOPER!




UPDATE 12/16/2013: Over 6,800 people have visited Trooper’s site since launching the web site. I know TROOPER is making a difference.


Click here to see the COMMENTS posted from vistors.


10/01/2013: Breeders in New Zealand started testing because of Trooper. Sadly, they found SM.


Update 05/17/2012: the Affenpinscher Club of America finally addressed SM in the breed. This is a huge feat that took over two years for them to formally address.



Update 04/10/2012: The Swedish Affenpinscher Club took notice and published Trooper's Story (Several other countries are ahead of America in dealing with the disease). It is great to see other clubs interested in getting the truth out there. I am so thankful to the Swedish Affenpinscher Club. Click her to see their publication.

Update 02/15/2012: Carol Caryle an Affen breeder/owner had several of her Affens tested and they were clear of SM..CONGRATS to her for making a sure her dogs are healthy and contributing to the breed' health.


Update 01/30/2012: I received numerous positive emails and postings thanking me for telling Trooper’s story from around the World. I also received several stories of people losing their dogs to what they think was SM. I was given permission to share Sue Jeffrey’s story of SM in her dog Otis. Click here to see Otis’ Story.

I received several emails with people wanting to get their dogs scanned because they show signs of SM and/or have been sick for years with no proper diagnosis (so I added more info to the webpage about scanning). I also received emails from Affen Breeders that plan on testing.

DR. Clare Rusbridge and Cavalier praised Trooper's site and linked their pages to the site. "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" asked to Blog Trooper's story.


I also received emails from breeders of the Cavalier, Cocker Spaniels, Griffon Bruxellois and Pomeranians with their stories and struggle to have SM recognized in their breeds.


Jessica Gruninger advised that some of the UK club members have now shown an interest in participating in further research which is one giant leap.


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