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Trooper's owner: Patrese Finn


Feel to free to ask any questions or share a story..... Below are just some of the comments we have received:


~Penny Knowler~

I hope you can gain some comfort from the fact that we used Trooper's DNA in the most recent genome scan so his (and your) efforts and contribution can benefit other dogs and human sufferers. We are in the process of updating the website and making it easier to navigate. We think it is the best way to raise awareness about the conditon and is excellent that you are able to do this.(

~Debbi Nelson~

Thank you so much for sharing Troopers story! Because of your love for him and of the breed, maybe our beloved Affenpinscher breed can be saved. Keeping secrets and denying health issues only puts our beloved Affen breed at risk, we need more people like you to share health issues when discovered. But more importantly, we need breeders to share with all of us health issues that have developed in our breed, we all need to share this type of information, hopefully none of us are breeding with no care for the health of our breed. I hope that with you sharing your heartbreaking story of Trooper, eyes will be opened and Affenpinschers will be saved the pain and suffering that poor Trooper and you had to go through. Thank you



Great job on your post. I will forward to my affen friends. I do hope you keep your message going Patrese. Without honest people like yourself sharing their experiences we would not have the information to try to change our breeding programs.
Bless you girl.


I am proud of what you are doing for Trooper and all Affens.  You have courage, determination and integrity. Never forget that.

~Stuart of the UK~

I am sorry for your loss. How brave and responsible of you to share your experience of this dreadful disease which is so prevalent in other breeds both her in the UK and elsewhere. There is no need to apologize for attemting to raise awareness as you have done!



I feel your pain.  Our story is located You and I loved our dogs very much and this disease is very very ugly and a hard thing to go.  We lost our battle with it 12 days ago and had to put our beloved Abbey down and it literally broke my heart.  I’m glad she’s finally out of pain and now my heart is in pain.


~Sue Jeffrey~

The best thing you can do to get the word out as fast and as successfully as possible is to keep the finger pointing and accusations and demands for testing to a minimum. Instead, educate. Educate the pet people, FIRST. Let people know what signs to look for, make sure it gets mentioned in the Club newsletter etc. The more of us that know about the disorder, the more likely the breeders will pay attention. But it isn't ever going to be easy, and you aren't going to be considered a hero, just a pain in the ass. But you are a hero, and so was Trooper. Sue also provided her SM story with her Affen Otis. Click here to see Otis’ Story.


~Annie Bradshaw from New Zealand~

There is a new Australasian Affenpinscher group started on FB. I have put the Trooper info on there for all to benefit from. At least no-one can say that they had not heard it was an issue. It is no longer a rumour that we hear whispers about down here. Thanks (to Lisa for posting on Facebook)and thank Patrese for being brave both during Trooper's fight and beyond.


I am so sorry about Trooper.... When it comes to health matters, and with such a small gene pool, none of us should be sticking our heads in the sand. My dogs are not showing any symptoms, but as I am actively breeding and showing, I think it is prudent to do all appropriate health testing.  I'll see if my vet can help me get this done at the CSU vet school to keep costs down.  I'm very interested in hearing all that you've learned, so I look forward to your update

~Robyn from New Zealand~

Loved the website a wonderful tribute to a staunch wee monkey....Patrese, although you are not alone in having experienced this terrible affliction in your wee man, you have bravely stood up and been counted. I commend and congratulate you.   The breed will be forever grateful for Trooper and yourself for exposing this publicly.  If we can erdicate SM, his suffering will have not been in vain.

~Lee with Griffons~

It is a difficult thing to get breeders to accept that this condition is real, but, slowly it is seeping through.  I can only wish you the very best and an armour plate of steel as there will be many who take all kinds of negative actions and words against you.  It's been a pretty tough several years, but now, we do have the satisfaction of knowing that we are more likely to produce healthy dogs, than not, by following the Rusbridge protocols in our breeding. Very sorry to hear about Trooper's SM story, and to hear that affen breeders are yet to accept it is a problem in the breed. We've been attempting to spread the word about SM in griffons (and other small breeds) for some years now, and have contributed to Clare Rusbridge's research in a couple of ways and now to Friends of Lola Fund.